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“Fab show tonight. Well done to all from front to back of house. Great team effort on a (in parts) complicated and technical show. Excellent lighting and costumes added to the magic. Good luck for the rest of the run.."

"Well done everyone, very funny show had a great night!"

"Brilliant show as always xx"

"Thoroughly enjoyed today's performance. It was well written and everyone taking part did a fantastic job. Well done all."

"I have had an absoloutely wonderful night at DTW's Alice in Wonderland. God how much talent is on that stage from the youngest to oldest. So lovely to see something so different and a very brilliant script. As always such energy wonderful choreography and so professional. Last time to see it tomm. Sun matinee 2.30 i think. I always come home feeling so upliftedx Thankyoux. Can't wait for Grease."

"You were all great, had new people with me tonight and that all had fab time. Congratulations on a funny, talented show. SCRIPT WAS AMAZING!"

"Loved it white Rabbit Alice n mad hatter you were brilliant 📷😀📷👍"

"Got to say ,scenery ,costumes ,and make up look excellent, have a good run ,sorry the cast look good as well !!📷"

"Great show ! Would highly recommend it x"

"Saw Alice in wonderland Thursday. Such a laugh! A hard one to produce I would imagine, but you did it very well. Excellent. Loved it. Well done to everyone involved."


Dryburn Theatrical Workshop have set the barrier incredibly high with their award-winning pantomimes in recent years and Alice in Wonderland was certainly up there with the best of them, written especially for the group by Tom Whalley as part of their 40th anniversary year, this pantomime took the audience on a magical adventure down through a rabbit hole into a wonderful land full of bright and colourful characters, combined with a fantastic musical score and packed with adventure and great choreography. 

Directed by the group’s resident director Michelle Coulson, she brought Tom’s interpretation of the classic Lewis Carroll’s novel to life, with no expense saved. Michelle certainly knows how to put on a spectacular show the set looked fantastic created by Border Studios who specially designed new cloths to showcase this premier pantomime. Costumes were outstanding and ensured that they created the illusion of this classic tale provided by Alan Graham. Music was set to backing tracks apart from the classic pantomime sing along “Run Rabbit Run” which was supported on piano by Brian Pennick. Choreography was in the capable hands of Helen Wilson, who brings originality to her work with her innovative and imaginative routines, the whole choreography was eye catching throughout but I especially liked the choreography to Missy Mock Turtles’ song “Beyond the Sea” and the Queen of Heart’s song “Killer Queen”. Technically both sound and lighting was good and congratulation to those people unseen behind the scenes which kept this production running smoothly.

The production opened with the Cheshire Cat played by Viki Cowey introducing the audience to the story and a girl called Alice, Viki delivered a confident performance and looked great in her costume. I loved the talking door scene very funny and the fantastic chorus music number “Welcome to Wonderland” which took the audience into the story as things got “curious-er and curious-er”. Emma Scott playing the title role Alice, delivered a convincing performance in the midst of madness - good stage presence and excellent characterisation, vocally she delivered her musical numbers well, I particularly enjoyed “Home” and “When Will My Life Begin”. Joseph Coulson played the role of the White Rabbit superbly, full of energy and certainly full of character, there was a good partnership between Alice and the Rabbit, again I enjoyed their duet “Right Hand Man”. Firmly established as the groups pantomime Dame, Lee Passmoor played the role of the Duchess - great interaction with the audience and he was very funny with some great lines and innuendoes which kept the audience smiling throughout. The comedy element continued in the capable hands of Annette Morris and Jillaine Hindson as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum; both were extremely funny the interaction between each other was fantastic - great comic timing and great stage presence, their personalities were delightful and were well appreciated by the audience.

Gary Eglinton was outstanding as the Mad Hatter, excellent stage presence; his portrayal Mad Hatter brought the whole tea party to life, compelling viewing and I loved his musical number “Hatter Patter” which was written by Tom Whalley especially for the character. Libby Martin gave a sterling performance as the March Hare as did Kaitlyn Taylor who was excellent as the Dormouse. Karen Scott is no stranger to pantoland, this year bringing her experience to the role of Queen of Hearts and she certainly portrayed all the evilness of the panto baddie, playing her hen pecked husband was Graham Gibson as the King of Hearts and in the cameo role as the talking door, Gary Blackbird played the caterpillar, great character role and I loved the costume, musically his song “Cocoona Matatta” performed with the flowers was well received by the audience. Lucy McCabe gave a great performance of Miss Mock Turtle, I would have liked to see more of this character, great costume and I loved her musical number “Beyond the Sea” and finally in the principal line up was Phil Martin as the evil Knave of Hearts, who stole the tarts, great acting and strong vocals in his musical number “You’ll be back”.  Congratulations to the dancers Sarah Hutchinson, Hannah Cuthbertson, Katharine Willett, Rebecca Scott, Kirsty May and Isha Dubre who ensured that they delivered a polished performance to the choreographed pieces and finally the chorus for whom the show would not have been such a great success Lucy Pedley, Eleanor Richardson, Pauline Blakeley, Jason Pickford, Neil Hindson, Dan Nelson, Emma Bell, Tanya Wills, Lucy Charlton, Pippa Robson, Nicole Blair-Foulds, Zora Dubre, Jessica Calloway and Alicia Cook . Congratulations to everyone at Dryburn Theatrical Workshop on a highly energetic and colourful pantomime and I can’t to join you to celebrate your 40th anniversary with your next show Grease, Well Done.

Author: Peter Oliver